Last week I finally had my interview with Naked News at their downtown set !! No, it was not a job interview but certainly got interviewed by their News Anchor Rachel Simmons. We talked about Me – MsKitty,  definition of a Nudist, Hot Springs at Oasis Aqualounge, webisodes project , and my website itself.

Rachel Simmons is a vibrant news anchor and certainly has the perfect energy to fill the role.  She is so bubbly that I had to ask her, “Who put the happy sprinkles in her cereal?”

Apparently, I was the only one ever to be naked in the interview with her. Always a first!!

The interview certainly went fast and she did gave me a video insert through Vimeo. It’s on a “Private” setting, just having to figure out how I can post it. I don’t have the final cut on my interview but if you are already a subscriber to Naked News, please check. If you love me that much on Naked News, please tell the producer that you love me and want me doing Naked Journalism!!

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